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June 2013 Monthly Income Report

June was a busy month for me. I got started on my new niche site, and worked on optimizing some other sites while still focusing on Bubblews. But did it translate into income?

Niche Site Duel

As I have covered a bit here, I have launched a new niche site to coincide with the Niche Site Duel. I haven’t added any secondary content yet but I am happy to report that I am now ranking for my two main keywords. I started ranking yesterday for my primary keyword at #319, and it moved up to #68 this afternoon. I started ranking at #52 for my secondary keyword today.niche site duel rankings

These rankings are nowhere near where I need to be to get traffic, but it is encouraging. I’m sure it will be bouncing around for a bit and hopefully rank higher once I add more content. I didn’t even expect to be ranked this high so soon with only one article posted, but it is a good one.

Other Site

I also picked up work on another site. I started a site a year ago and I’ve just let it sit incomplete. I knew I was never going to get around to finishing it so I had to make a decision. The niche has most of its traffic in July and if I let it go past July it would be two years of missed opportunities. I still see major potential in the niche so I decided to outsource the articles I needed. I ordered 30 articles from Zerys and I am dripping them through one per day for the next 30 days.

As always, there are affiliate links in this post. None of the programs here cost you anything to use, but if you sign up through my affiliate link I will receive compensation. I would never recommend something that I do not use myself, and I would appreciate the support if you sign up through my links.

Residual Income

Website Income

Across all my websites, traffic is up. That is great except that I am still having some difficulty with monetizing them. Right now I am using and Chitika for PPC and Commission Junction and Amazon for affiliate, depending on the niche of the site. Let me just reiterate how much it sucks to not have access to Adsense anymore.

16 Sites

Affiliate: $0.00 (+$0.00)

PPC Income: $1.38 (+$.09)

Amazon: $16.08 (+$2.82)

Total: $17.46 (+$2.91)



11 Articles

Ad Program: $0.09 (-$2.32)

Amazon: $0.00 ($0.00)

Total: $0.09 (-$2.32)



26 Lenses

Squidoo Ad Pool: $.84 ($0.00)

Amazon: $6.32 (-$13.14)

Ebay: $0.00 ($0.00)

Total: $7.16 (-$13.14)

I didn’t touch any of my Squidoo lenses this month. They continue to make changes there but I’m not going to play along. It’s just not worth it. The lens rank of almost all of my lenses has gone up, even without updating them and with traffic way down. I’m assuming this is from decreased competition from them blocking lenses.


News: 482 posts (+57 posts)

Earnings: $74.77 (+$6.13)

Still happy with Bubblews. I got paid 3 times this month without issue. My interest in writing there wanes sometimes, but I’m up to about $2 per day of passive income. Read about my Bubblews routine here.

Other Residual Income

Skreened: $3.00

I haven’t talked about Skreened before but it’s a tshirt design site. I designed a few tshirts in January and I have sold one or two every month since then without doing anything extra.

Quirky: $0.39

The big highlight here this month is that I finally started earning at Quirky. Only 39 cents, but I love the site and this should grow. I’m planning on doing a whole writeup on Quirky but the basic idea is that you help with inventing things and you earn a percentage of revenue of the things that you influence. It’s pretty fun, I’ve influenced over a hundred new products and the first one with my influence went on sale this month. That product is called Shake, it’s a beach bag that has a mesh bottom to get stubborn sand out.

Total Residual Income For June: $102.87 (-$6.07)


Other Online Income

Many of these sites pay out in gift cards, or record their earnings through points, instead of dollars and cents. I have done the math and come up with a dollar equivalent for every point, and that is what I am reporting here.


Swagbucks: $24.17 (Check out my Swagbucks guide)

Postloop: $3.91

CashCrate: $0.90

Neobux: $6.85

Clixsense: $.34

Jebbit: $11.39

Bing Rewards: $9.85

Ibotta: $1.00

Viggle: $0.97

Mturk: $45.01

Total Other Online Income: $104.39



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