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July 2013 Monthly Income Report

I’ll admit it, I was lazy as heck in July. I could just not get motivated to work on the things that I had meant to get work done, but some stuff did happen that put me in the right frame of mind.

One thing of note is that today marks one year since I left my job. I didn’t publish anything on the blog this month, but I’m still planning on doing an investment report for the quarter and some reflections on a full year of peer to peer lending. Both of those ventures are going well right now, so they should be decent posts.

Niche Site Duel

The niche site that I had started for the niche site duel, I put on hold. I think it is still a great niche, but the content strategy I had planned was pretty ambitious. Surprisingly, the one page that I do have posted there is still ranking around 60 for it’s main keyword. I will definitely reapproach this site again later, either this month or next, even if it is slow going.

Other Site

The other site I’ve been working on is coming along great. I posted 25 new outsourced articles and starting to see some search engine traffic. What I like about this site is it is not optimized for any keyword but looking for long tails. I like this strategy because I don’t need to worry about being over-optimized for anything, but it makes it hard to track things. I literally did not have a single keyword to track, but upon checking my webmaster tools page yesterday, I saw that the site had popped up for a few keywords with significant volume. Now that I know that the site is leaning towards those keywords I can put a little effort into them.

As always, there are affiliate links in this post. None of the programs here cost you anything to use, but if you sign up through my affiliate link I will receive compensation. I would never recommend something that I do not use myself, and I would appreciate the support if you sign up through my links.

Residual Income

Website Income

This was a great month for traffic for me, my highest ever. I finished putting PPC ads back on all of my sites, but most of them have only been finished for a few days. It will be interesting to see how that income picks up next month. Almost everything this month came from the two sites that I have been testing for months. I’m using on a few sites and Chitika on the rest.

I also officially killed a few sites this month and bought some new domains for others.

15 Sites

Affiliate: $0.00 (+$0.00)

PPC Income: $5.13(+$3.75)

Amazon: $36.69 (+$20.61)

Total: $41.82 (+$24.36)



11 Articles

Ad Program: $2.18 (+$2.09)

Amazon: $0.00 ($0.00)

Total: $2.18 (+$2.09)



25 Lenses

Squidoo Ad Pool: $.84 ($0.00)

Amazon: $11.31 (-$4.98)

Ebay: $0.00 ($0.00)

Total: $12.15 (+$4.98)

Squidoo killed a few more of my lenses this month. I don’t really care about them at this point, if this lock something, I’ll move it somewhere else. If it continues to earn, great, if it doesn’t, I don’t need to jump through their crazy hoops to get things published. I am seeing better traffic on my lenses than I have for the past few months, but the site has lost it’s luster for me.


News: 507 posts (+25 posts)

Earnings: $56.89 (-$17.88)

I published half as many posts as I did last month. I was seeing significantly more residual income, but site downtime hurt the earnings too. You will see many people ranting and raving about Bubblews right now, but I have no complaints. I’ve had no problems getting paid. The site has downtime, the staff has communication issues, and the content could be better, but as long as I’m still getting paid I am not going to bother myself with what other people are doing. Read about my Bubblews routine here.

Other Residual Income

Skreened: $0.00

Quirky: $0.38

Quirky did a site revamp this month and it has a few growing pains. The company is doing well though, with a bunch of new products showing up in those grab bins in the front of Target. 3 products I have influenced are on sale now, but payments have only dropped for Shake, it’s a beach bag that has a mesh bottom to get stubborn sand out.

Total Residual Income For July: $115.32 (+$12.45)


Other Online Income

Many of these sites pay out in gift cards, or record their earnings through points, instead of dollars and cents. I have done the math and come up with a dollar equivalent for every point, and that is what I am reporting here.

I severely neglected many of these sites this month.


Swagbucks: $5.9 (Check out my Swagbucks guide)

Postloop: $0.55

CashCrate: $1.43

Neobux: $6.22

Clixsense: $.13

Jebbit: $9.86

Bing Rewards: $8.28

PollBuzzer: $1.00

Viggle: $0.97

Mturk: $2.04

Total Other Online Income: $36.38



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