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August 2013 Monthly Income Report

It’s September! That is hard to believe. Another month gone by that I didn’t get much done on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get work done at all. Read on for my August 2013 monthly income report.

With more and more revenue share sites having problems, I’m really making an effort to beef up my niche sites. None of them are currently ranking in Google for their keywords. Most are ranking in Bing and Yahoo and will get the occasional Google visitor, but there is much more potential out there. It is overwhelming for me though to just try to tackle them all. My current loose strategy is to focus on one site at a time for about a month at a time. About half of my sites are seasonal niches, so making a push for them a month or two before the season feels like a good idea. The site I am currently working on is going well. I’ve written some articles, redesigned the layout, and I’m happy with it so far. It really just needs more content and I will be pumping that out in the next few weeks.

As always, there are affiliate links in this post. None of the programs here cost you anything to use, but if you sign up through my affiliate link I will receive compensation. I would never recommend something that I do not use myself, and I would appreciate the support if you sign up through my links.

Residual Income

Website Income

I’m using on one site now and Chitika on the rest. I’ve run both on each site for a period of time, and this seems to be what performs best. I was skeptical of Chitika at first because when their ads were on Infobarrel they had horrible performance, but on my own sites they are doing as good as one would expect. I think that has more visually appealing ads, but they were just not earning anything for me on most sites. They were also frustrating because they give you barely any data to look at. You never know how many clicks you are getting or anything, just how much money you’ve made.

Overall traffic was down a little from July, but that was expected because my best site has its highest search volume in July.


15 Sites

Affiliate: $0.00 (+$0.00)

PPC Income: $2.83(-$2.35)

Amazon: $18.54 (-$18.15)

Total: $21.37 (-$20.50)



11 Articles

Ad Program: $0.29 (-$1.89)

Amazon: $0.00 ($0.00)

Total: $0.29 (-$1.89)

Infobarrel is having Adsense problems currently, but I still managed to make some spare change off of my meager 11 articles.



25 Lenses

Squidoo Ad Pool: $1.02 (+$0.22)

Amazon: $20.3 (+$8.99)

Ebay: $0.00 ($0.00)

Total: $30.98 (+$18.87)

For once, Squidoo was pretty uneventful. No warnings, no locked lenses, etc. Traffic wasn’t great, but I literally only logged in the site about once a week so I can’t complain. Most of my lenses haven’t even been edited since February.


News: 527 posts (+20 posts)

Earnings: $66.54 (+$9.65)

I barely published on Bubblews this month. Some of that was lack of motivation and some of it was the site being down frequently. It feels like almost everyone is having a payment problem of some sort there, but I have received everything I’ve earned exactly on time. My articles are getting more and more residual views. Some of my best performing articles are more than 6 months old and getting daily traffic. Read about my Bubblews routine here.

Other Residual Income

Skreened: $0.00

Quirky: $0.34

Quirky is hard to track because it is all residual income but the payments are inconsistent. Everything I have earned is still for one product, Shake, even though more products I have influenced are on sale and show units sold. That is somewhat the nature of dealing with different vendors, stores, etc with physical products, there is no standard time for payments to drop.

Total Residual Income For August: $121.09 (+$5.29)


Other Online Income

Many of these sites pay out in gift cards, or record their earnings through points, instead of dollars and cents. I have done the math and come up with a dollar equivalent for every point, and that is what I am reporting here.

I tried not to spend much time at all on any of these sites this month, as I wanted to focus more on my residual income sources. I did however make a lot more at Swagbucks. I managed to do this with less time spent on the site, by dedicating my tablet to run the Swagbucks TV and EntertainNow apps.

I took a break from Mturk. It is probably the easiest way to make money online for me, but it can also become very mind numbing. I will probably pick it up this month as I’ve got textbooks and tuition to pay for.

A new source of income for me this month is Qmee. This is a browser extension that shows you ads relevant to your search results. Clicking on those ads earns you money. There is no minimum payout and they pay instantly to Paypal. It is very unobtrusive and only pops up for me once or twice a day.


Swagbucks: $36.04 (Check out my Swagbucks guide)

Qmee: $1.58

Postloop: $0.41

CashCrate: $4.83

Neobux: $8.41

Clixsense: $.16

Jebbit: $3.44

Bing Rewards: $9.84

PollBuzzer: $0.00

Viggle: $1.60

Mturk: $2.15

Total Other Online Income: $68.46


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