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October and November 2013 Residual Income Report

So…uhh….long time no update. Figured I might as well write up what I’ve been up to.

My last post was my September Income report. I didn’t have a whole lot of updates then, but I was feeling fairly positive. Nothing really came of that positive attitude, but I don’t feel like I’ve completely failed at anything since then. I’ve mostly been lazy and indifferent.

In the last 2 months, I have been busy with school, the holidays, family, and everything else on the menu. I was accepted to a major university, and now I can finally finish my degree. A few weeks ago, I was even mugged waiting for the train in San Francisco. The point is, life legitimately gets in the way, and I’m not making an excuse for not getting work done, just telling the truth. I can’t let it get me down.

I also had a major issue with my WordPress admin pages preventing me from updating for awhile. When I finally figured out what it was, it was simple, but frustrating. Half the pages on the admin side of WordPress went 404 after upgrading to 3.7. I couldn’t access my themes, plugins, or update pages. No combination of reinstalling WordPress and editing things seemed to fix it. As it turns out, my server was running PHP 5.2, and just needed a switch to 5.4, which literally took 10 seconds to do. Just a heads up if anyone out there runs into a similar problem.

This report will be a little different from my previous reports. I didn’t keep track of my earnings very well, so I am only reporting the residual side of things. November is the first number reported, and October is in parenthesis next to it.

As always, there are affiliate links in this post. None of the programs here cost you anything to use, but if you sign up through my affiliate link I will receive compensation. I would never recommend something that I do not use myself, and I would appreciate the support if you sign up through my links.

Residual Income

Website Income


15 Sites

Affiliate: $0.00 ($0.00)

PPC Income: $1.67 ($2.69)

Amazon: $33.03 ($4.42)

Total: $34.7 ($7.11)

Traffic has been pretty awful, but I haven’t updated a single page on any site since at least September, so it is probably all my fault. It seems like more and more freshness is a big indicator in search results. Still, I had a decent November all things considered, mostly because my most popular site is focused on a seasonal niche.



11 Articles

Ad Program: $1.8 ($1.88)

Amazon: $0.00 ($0.00)

Total: $1.8 ($1.88)

I’ve still only got 11 articles here, and my most recent one was published in May, so I can’t complain about anything I make. The most surprising thing for me at Infobarrel, is I have not gotten a single click through using their Amazon modules. I think they are attractive and I feel like they should convert something, especially since I have a few product based articles, but not a single click. For reference, I got a few clicks a month and a few sales using their old generic Amazon sidebar.



26 Lenses

Squidoo Ad Pool: $4.65 ($2.89)

Amazon: $18.25 ($20.93)

Ebay: $0.00 ($0.00)

Total: $22.9 ($29.77)

Squidoo seems to have calmed down on locking lenses and instituting bizarre new rules, but it has been a nonfactor for me. I’m surprised my lenses rank at all, I don’t even log into the site for weeks at a time now. For all the talk people have of updating lenses, many of mine are still performing and haven’t been updated since March.



607 posts

Earnings: $66.83 ($98.6)

I experimented with Bubblews in October but backed off in November. In October, I published 58 new articles. Most of these were recapping the MLB post season games. I wrote recaps of each one. In November, I only wrote 5 posts. In the last 3 or so weeks, my older articles that got consistent traffic have dropped off completely. I don’t know if Bubblews was hit or if it is a side effect of my inactivity. Probably a combination of both. I’ve still had no payment problems to date, but I consider myself lucky in that regard. I received my 26th payment last week. It’s still pretty easy money, but I have to be in the mood to write there. Read about my Bubblews routine here.

Other Residual Income

Skreened: $3.01 ($0.00)

I sold a tshirt, woot.

Quirky: $2.97 ($0.09)

Quirky is starting to take off for me, as more products I’ve influenced have gone on sale. “Take off” being a relative term, but still, growing significantly after months of pennies. It’s a fun and easy site to get involved in, and it is awesome that people have an ability to influence and invent real world products. They have recently strengthened their partnership with General Electric, with GE investing $30 million in the company, so I have a lot of hope that they can sustain.

Total Residual Income: $132.76 ($138.38)



One thought on “October and November 2013 Residual Income Report

  1. Frances deVries says:

    I love your blog Meggie. I especially love your creativity in making a bit of extra cash. It combines fun & making some extra cash.


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