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An Update

So I think this may be the last post I make here. Not saying it is 100%, as I’ve been known to change my mind, but this blog was never what I wanted it to be, and to be honest, was never going to be. I just don’t see myself as that marketing guru who makes a ton of money selling something online. I just wanted to share my thoughts and have some extra cash.

I thought it was only fair to give an update on myself. This domain is up in November, and I will likely not be renewing it. I may transfer the content to a free blog, or maybe a subdomain on another site, but since this doesn’t bring in money for me, I don’t really see the point in putting money into it to renew.

I’m still investing, but it is pretty boring. Most of my positions are very similar to what they have been for years. I’m thinking long term, but I’m at the point where I could sell everything today for a decent profit and be satisfied. Most of this is from luck, investing when the market at a whole was down, and not from knowledge.

I legitimately have not logged into most of my niche sites this year. I’m still making a few bucks a month from them, and letting all but the most profitable expire. My Infobarrel earnings are up, even though I haven’t posted anything in over a year. I still earn a bit from Bubblews as well, but I rarely post there anymore either. Basically, I rarely do anything residual income related online anymore. I used to be obsessive about following blogs and social media, but I began to get turned off by the way everyone started to feel like an eBook version of themselves, and how much content has shifted to podcasts and video.

What prompted this post, right now, is that Squidoo is shutting down. I was still earning a bit from them, but I can’t use Adsense, so I can’t transfer my articles to Hubpages. I backed them up using Evernote and I am going to add them to a fairly generic domain I own. If this gets any traffic, I may write some more articles. I may not be engaged with online marketing anymore, but I could definitely use the income.

Going through this transfer made me realize just how little I had touched my sites or paid attention to the online marketing world in the last year. It was one of those weird moments where I realize that something that used to be a big part of my life disappeared overnight. I’ve always had shifting interests, but it is weird to realize you lose interest in something.

I do still use and enjoy Quirky, It only takes a few minutes every few days to get influence, and if a product you influence goes on sale and is a hit, it has unlimited earnings potential. Nothing I’ve influenced has been a true hit, but I’ve still made almost $130 there this year and will continue to use it as long as I can.

I got really into Bitcoin for awhile and using different faucets to get miniscule amounts, but I rarely do that too much either (though I do recommend joining QoinProbecause it requires zero cost or time, so why not?) The other sites I can recommend if you are interested are EarnCrypto and Land of BitcoinIf you need a wallet, I recommend starting with Coinbase, and if for some reason someone wants to send me Bitcoin, its 1CgVzLpWd6MSx4ypTRpzZvBka6D2waXE5z

For other sources of income, I still use Bing Rewards, Swagbucks and Cash Crate. All three have always served me well, and paid for a lot of necessities on Amazon.

As far as other areas of my life, I transferred from community college to a 4 year university this year, and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I’ve worked my butt off to get to this point. Assuming everything continues to go well, I will finally have my Bachelor’s in January. I don’t see that as the end of my formal education, but it is a nice feeling to be this close after 8 years.

I still don’t have a real job, but I am okay for now financially. I have put a lot of effort the last few months into minimizing my life. I began to feel overwhelmed with “stuff” and had a distaste for consumerism. I’m not hardcore about it, just trying to focus on things that I find important. This has increased my happiness, helped my wallet, and influenced my feelings towards surprising aspects of my life.

For the first time I feel very confident in what I want to do with my life, and I don’t feel the need to validate it by sharing it publicly for now. If anyone would like to get in contact with me, I’d love to hear from you, I’m not like, a hermit or something. I’m not sure many will read this post since it has been so long, but there are plenty of people out there who I considered friends in the online marketing world. I hope you all are doing well. I am most active on Twitter @meggiestardust  or you can email me 

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Niche Site Launched

My new niche site is launched and ready to go. I went over keyword research last week, so I thought I’d cover the setup of the site and some of my strategies this week.

Niche Site Launched

The site went live 4 days ago. It’s indexed well but not ranking yet. I’m not rushing anything, it’s at least a medium competition niche, if not on the more difficult side, and I have no expectations for fast ranking.


I knew I wanted really strong front page content. I also knew I would probably get anxious waiting to have a lot of content on the site, so I would be going live with just the front page. This article needed to stand on its own. I spent about two weeks writing it. I wrote a couple hundred words every day and I consulted a lot of sources. I’ll probably end up editing it later as the site evolves, but I’m quite happy with it now.

The main article is just about 1500 words, with a 1.5% keyword density. It’s broken up into different sections that will eventually link to the various other areas of the site. I made liberal use of headings, images, etc, so that the reader isn’t stuck with a wall of text that they won’t read.

In addition to the main page of content, I also added the standard disclosure, privacy policy, contact and about pages.


I’m sticking with WordPress and I got a great theme setup with Elegant Themes(affiliate). I created a child theme to apply 2 simple modifications, but for the most part it is strictly out of the box, I’d rather not mess with things that are fine on their own.

For plugins, I am trying to keep it simple. One of the great things about Elegant Themes is that their themes come with shortcodes and page templates that replace a lot of the functionality that people usually use plugins for, like contact forms. I love the features of Jetpack, I think WordPress SEO is essential, and I prefer Shareaholic for social sharing. I ended up adding TinyMCE after having a few issues with spacing.

I will probably eventually add a caching plugin and security, but I don’t see the need for them just yet.


My overall monetization plan for this site will be a combination of Amazon affiliate and PPC revenue, but starting out, I’m keeping it lite. I’m still testing Adsense alternatives, so I will not be adding PPC to the site just yet.

All of the internal pages will have a sidebar with an ad or two but my main page will be full width. I want the main page of the site to be very light on advertising. This is the entryway to the site and I want to make a good impression. I have a few relevant Amazon links in the text, and at the bottom of the page I have some linked images to related products.


Since this will be an ever-expanding site and not a 5 page static micro niche site, I felt that some social accounts were in order. I’ve created accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for the site. I don’t have a huge strategy here yet, I’ve never been very good at social.

I think that the niche lends itself very well to Pinterest so that is where most of the focus will go initially. I’ve been trying to log into every morning and pinning a few relevant things so that the account has some content. It’s important in social media to not just promote your own stuff. This has also had the added benefit of allowing me to explore what else is out there in the niche. I will probably end up using the links on my Pinterest account to help with future articles on the site.

Pinging/Link Building

The site was indexed almost instantly so I didn’t really have to worry about pinging it. I submitted it to SubmitStart to make sure the less popular search engines were notified.

I’m not much of a link builder. I know the strategies, I’ve done them before, but I’ve never seen much of a payoff from it. I’m not opposed to doing it, even dabbling in the gray/black hat side, but it would be a last resort for me. I’ll give the site a fighting chance to rank by itself first.

The link building I’ll do initially is some light blog commenting. I have started following a few relevant blogs and I will probably comment on related articles. I would do this in a completely non-spammy way, and they will probably be mostly nofollow links. It’s more about connecting and learning from other resources.


And that’s it for now. Next, I need to get started on the secondary content. I’m trying to add an article a week, but I need to plan it out a bit so that the site fills out evenly.

I plan on writing further if the site starts ranking or if something else pops up, but I won’t guarantee regular updates. I do really want to talk about the work I’ve done to find secondary keywords, but that deserves its own post. I’m really excited to see where this site goes, and I really hope the answer isn’t “nowhere.”

Image Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video